New Password 4: A Reading and Vocabulary Text (with MP3 Audio CD-ROM)

Would you like to know: * how to live to be 100?* what economists say about our decision-making?* where appropriate technologies are changing people's lives? New Password 4: A Reading and Vocabulary Text is the fourth book in the newly expanded Password series. It helps intermediate to high-intermediate students develop reading skills and increase their active vocabulary through engaging readings about real people, places, events, and ideas. Students benefit from a systematic, corpus-informed approach to learning more than 300 high-frequency words, expressions, and collocations. Features * Useful, high-frequency vocabulary selected through extensive corpus-based research* Careful recycling of vocabulary in readings and exercises* Activities that highlight collocations and word grammar* Discussion and writing activities that reinforce learning* Unit wrap-ups that help students review vocabulary and practice dictionary skills* Vocabulary self-tests that help students assess their progress The Student Book comes with an Audio CD-ROM containing the entire Student Book audio program in MP3 format. There is also an edition of the Student Book without the Audio CD-ROM; click on the Resources link on the left side of this page. The New Password series also includes: *New Password 1*New Password 2*New Password 3*New Password 5