New Oxford Dictionary for Writers and Editors: The Essential A-Z Guide to the Written Word

The New Oxford Dictionary for Writers and Editors is the essential A-Z guide for everyone who works with words. Drawing on the expertise of the Oxford Dictionaries department, it provides authoritative advice on those words and names which raise questions time after time because of spelling, capitalization, hyphenation, or cultural or historical context. As well as lexical terms, there are many proper names included: from place names and personal names to names of institutions, literary references, and books of the Bible. Entries give full coverage of recommended spellings, variant forms, confusable words, hyphenation, capitalization, foreign and specialist terms, proper names, and abbreviations. The New Oxford Dictionary for Writers and Editors follows in the footsteps of its illustrious predecessor The Authors' and Printers' Dictionary, published in 1905, and later called Oxford Dictionary for Writers and Editors; for the centenary year, the entries have been reselected, and the text has been entirely rewritten. The Oxford Dictionary for Writers and Editors has long been an indispensable part of any editor's reference shelf; now, the text is even more useful than before, and appears in a new handbook size. It is an essential tool for writers, editors, publishers, journalists, and web editors, and together with New Hart's Rules and the New Oxford Spelling Dictionary forms the complete editorial reference set.