New Mexico: A Brief Multi-history

Every book has a history of its own and New Mexico: A Brief Multi-History could be considered one of the mini-sagas worthy of inclusion in this comprehensive chronology of people, places, and events that begins with precontact inhabitants of the Southwest. The more than four hundred years of recorded history includes information on all the groups living in our New Mexico, the oldest European colony in what is today the USA, and is the way history should be written. Enriched by many illustrations, this inclusive Multi-History is the most comprehensive single volume available for the New Mexican sagas of ordinary and extraordinary people, places, and events from 1598 to the present. The general reader, history buffs, students, and scholars alike will be empowered by this ...basic resource for New Mexico and the Southwest because of its panorama of cultural and historical events, profile biographies, and penetrating comparative analysis...a timeless triumph.