New Galdos Studies: Essays in Memory of John Varey

The master of the realist novel of nineteenth-century Spain, Benito Perez Galdos, is the subject of New Galdos Studies , offered in memory of John Varey, author of Galdos Studies , the foundational text for contemporary Galdosian scholarship. Eamonn Rodgers describes Galdos' early readership and reception; James Whiston illustrates Galdos' creativity in Lo prohibido ; Rhian Davies explores the enrichment of the novelist's language in Torquemada en la Cruz ; Teresa Fuentes Peris demonstrates Galdos' radical critique of dominant social assumptions in Fortunata y Jacinta ; Alex Longhurst deals with the representation of poverty in Misericordia while Lisa Conde detects a feminist intention in Tristana ; Eric Southworth finds rich cultural and spiritual allusion in the same work; Nichols Round relates the deaths of children in the Torquemada novels and Angel Guerra to end-of-century ideological concerns.