New Galdos Studies: Essays in Memory of John Varey

The master of the realist novel of nineteenth-century Spain, Benito Perez Galdos, is the subject of New Galdos Studies, offered in memory of John Varey, author of Galdos Studies, the foundational text for contemporary Galdosian scholarship. Eamonn Rodgers describes Galdos's early readership and reception; James Whiston illustrates Galdos's creativity in Lo prohibido; Rhian Davies explores the enrichment of the novelist's language in Torquemada en la Cruz; Teresa Fuentes Peris demonstrates Galdos's radical critique of dominant social assumptions in Fortunata y Jacinta; Alex Longhurst deals with the representation of poverty in Misericordia while Lisa Conde detects a feminist intention in Tristana; Eric Southworth finds rich cultural and spiritual allusion in the same work; Nichols Round relates the deaths of children in the Torquemada novels and Angel Guerra to end-of-century ideological concerns.