New Energy Conservation Technologies and Their Commercialization: Proceedings of an International Conference,Berlin, 6-10 April, 1981

The papers presented in the pages which follow represent a rich treasury of innovation, insight, and expertise in Energy Conservation Technologies. We are deeply indebted to the authors for their contributions and for their response to the overriding spirit of the Conference, namely the meeting place for those espousing technological innovation and those concemed with societal qeeds in their mutual quest for greater energy use efficiency and conservation. The Reader will thus fmd within these papers perceptive views on the requirements and opportunities in the Residential and Commercial, Industry and Transpor- tation sectors. He will also fmd well conceived technological methods for ad- dressing those requirements, both now and in the future. Conservation is alI pervasive-its applications and needs strike a responsive chord in a multitude of circumstances. It is impossible to convene a confer- ence on conservation which covers the totality of the conservation thrust. What was attempted, and what emerges so graphically from the Proceedings, was the matching of sectoral requirements to make full use of expensive energy with the technological community's ability to provide means of achiev- ing its optimum use. This confluence of views between users and technologists and their mutual commitment to future action in the Final Plenary Session was a major achievement ofthe Conference.