New Developments in Ophthalmology Nijmegen 16-18 October 1975

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AUGUST F. DEUTMAN, M.D. From October 16-18, 197 5 many distinguished ophthalmologists visited Nijmegen to inaugurate the new Eye Institute of the University of Nijmegen with a symposium on New Developments in Ophthalmology. The meeting was held under the auspices of the Netherlandish Ophthalmological Society (NOG) and had a high attendance of over 300 ophthalmologists from The Netherlands and from abroad. Many new and some controversial surgical techniques regarding corneal transplantation, phako-emulsification, intra-ocular lensimplantation, local excision of melanomas of the choroid and ciliary body, pars plana vitrec- tomy, laser treatment in disciform macular degeneration and treatment of giant retinal tears were discussed. Since new surgical techniques have to be based on profound knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the eye, many new basic and important data regarding the cornea, the vitreous body, the retinal vessels, the choroid and the orbit were presented by some of the foremost authorities. Technical advances in corneal transplantation were discussed, while the modern treatment of corneal ulcers and bacterial infections of the eye was presented. New findings such as computerized tomography, facilitate the diagnosis of underlying disease in exophthalmus enormously. The treatment of retinal detachment has improved considerably over the last ten years and we feel that in particular the safe non-drainage methods deserve attention. Cryo- coagulation and photocoagulation have certain advances over diathermy and the radial placement of indenting suprascleral material may have consider- able advantages over the limbus-parallel placement in horseshoe tears.