New Daylight January - April 2016: Sustaining Your Daily Journey with the Bible

New Daylight provides four months of daily Bible readings and comment, with a regular team of contributors drawn from a range of church backgrounds. It is ideal for anybody wanting an accessible yet stimulating aid to spending time with God each day, deepening their faith and their knowledge of Scripture. Readers' comments on New Daylight: 'Thank you for all you do to make every issue so readable and enlightening, giving us the opportunity to get closer to God.' 'Thank you to all the wonderful writers who bring scriptures to life and make them relevant for us in the here and now.' 'I just wanted to say how much I appreciate the notes for helping to keep me going with reading the Bible and shedding light on demanding passages.' Contributors in this issue: Sally Welch, Amanda Bloor, John Twisleton, David Winter, Barbara Mosse, Elizabeth Hoare, Andy John, Lakshmi Jeffreys, Tony Horsfall