Neurology: An Oxford Core Text

Neurology: An Oxford Core Text introduces neurology to the medical student in a concise, innovative and memorable way. Praised by lecturers and students alike for breaking down the barriers which conventionally surround this difficult subject, this book is highly recommended reading for medical undergraduates. It covers the most important neurological problems in clinical practice, highlights the crucial neuroanatomical and neurophysiological background, introduces the pathogenesis of neurological disease, discusses treatment and management, and also covers ethical and rehabilitation issues. Neurology: An Oxford Core Text * introduces the major neurological diseases * deals with weakness, visual symptoms, headaches, blackouts and stroke * covers the general principles of history-taking * gives practical advice on how to perform simple neurological examination * has detailed instructions on examination in particular clinical circumstances * includes 24 case histories * is fully illustrated with clinical photos and line diagrams It is an essential purchase for all medical students and those looking for a high quality introduction to the subject.