Network Analysis with Applications

Network Analysis with Applications presents the general methods of circuit and network analysis by employing differential and integral calculus and transform methods with a strong applied emphasis. Some of its features are: *Comprehensive review of basic circuit laws and analysis methods. *Capacitive and inductive transients, with special emphasis on graphical interpretation. *Simplified treatment of first-order circuits. *Simplified treatment of the Laplace transform and its application to higher-order circuits. Transfer function analysis and pole-zero concepts. Sinusoidal steady-state analysis and its relationship to transient analysis. Frequency response analysis and Bode plots. Waveform analysis. The accompanying CD-ROM brings many of the circuit diagrams from the text to life through Electronics WorkbenchaA A software. New features in the fourth edition include: *Electronics WorkbenchaA A (EWB) examples have been updated to work with Multisim, the latest version of EWB. *Appendix E provides a brief introduction to MATLABA (R) to familiarize readers with the program.