Neo-Liberalism or Democracy: Economic Strategy, Markets, and Alternatives for the 21st Century

Is it true that there is no alternative to the neo-liberal ideology of free trade, deregulation of markets, and government abandonment of social programmes? Must we accept, in the name of globalisation, the relentless pressure to reduce wages and cut social spending? Can poor countries pursue no other route to development but opening their economies to global forces? The author sets out to explore these questions. In doing so, he subjects central tenets of modern economics to trenchant criticism. He argues that current policies are delivering neither sustained economic growth nor many of the other fundamentals of people's wellbeing. He also argues that it is possible to construct a democratic economic strategy that produces growth and equity, while protecting the environment and securing local communities. This important book needs to be read by economists and non-economists alike, in both industrialised and developing countries.