Neither Dead nor Alive

Set in the Benderloch area of Argyll, the book tells the story of a city boy, Steve, who finds himself catapulted back in time to the Bronze Age where he must lift a curse that condemns Aiden, his father Finn, and a thief Fergus, to be murdered over and over again every midsummer. To do this, Steve must confront ancient ogres and carry out a sacrifice. With his interests devoted mainly to football - he is a Saint Mirren supporter - he would be quite unable to carry out such a task without the help of Fiona, who has an uncanny understanding of ancient rituals. The friends must face both adventure and fear in their quest, but what would happen if they got stuck in the Bronze Age and were unable to return to their own time..? Neither Dead Nor Alive is a thrilling time-slip novel that will appeal to young readers aged 10 and up.