Natural Golf: Get a Grip on Your Game

'Showing you why Natural Golf is a valid way to consider golfing was my duty as a responsible golf professional' - John Elliott, Golf Digest , Schools Staff. ' Natural Golf first made news when Paul Azinger used the company's Thing putter to win the PGA Tour Championship in 1992' - GolfWeek . 'The Natural Palm Grip greatly simplifies the entire golf swing and especially increases the power in the stroke at ball impact' - Golfest magazine. ' was only a matter of time until the golf swing itself was scrutinized scientifically. The PGA allows eight continuing education hours for PGA professionals who attend day-long Natural Golf seminars' - PGA Magazine . 'A stroke of genius' - Wall Street Journal . 'After an hour of instruction, moments of magic ensued. Using the Natural grip, set up, and swing, I hit a half dozen shots higher, straighter and longer than usual. The sense of controlling a wood felt great' - Bruce Selcraig, Men's Journal .