Nanopatterning - From Ultralarge-Scale Integration to Biotechnology: Volume 705

Nanotechnology is highly regarded as the key technology of the 21st century and is expected to help solve problems in areas ranging from information technology to biotechnology. Whether via lithographic or nonlithographic methods, nano-patterning is a major issue to address as it is the enabling technique for the fabrication of nanostructures. A high level of creativity is clearly needed to engineer new resists and masks and to optimize nanomaterials synthesis and processing while keeping the costs compatible with market requirements. This book offers a snapshot of the state of nanofabrication and provides an indication of future trends and remaining challenges in the field. Researchers working in nonrelated fields such as cell engineering, microelectronics, magnetism, surface science and new materials synthesis gather here to exchange information across disciplines. Topics include: advanced materials and processes for nanolithography; lithographic and nonlithographic methods of nanofabrication; synthesis, functionalization and ordering of nanostructures; nanostructures and nanofabrication for biological applications; and fabrication of ordered magnetic nanostructures.