Nanoengineered Assemblies and Advanced Micro/nanosystems: Volume 820

This book combines the proceedings of Symposium O, Advanced Microsystems - Integration with Nanotechnology and Biology, and Symposium R, Three-Dimensional Nanoengineered Assemblies II, both from the 2004 MRS Spring Meeting in San Francisco. The book addresses scientific and technology challenges in materials science for advanced nano- and Microsystems - self-assembled materials; interfacial sciences and novel microsystems/microdevices; nanoparticle synthesis and applications; nanomaterials and nanofabrications in microsystems and microdevices; tissue engineering; integrated microanalysis; and nano- and biomicrosystems and devices. Symposium R aimed to advance the practice and progress of nanoengineering in three dimensions. Novel approaches to materials processing and applications for >2D structures that will advance present practice, even if they cannot yet be applied to the nanometer scale, are featured. Included are contact-based processing schemes such as soft lithography, template transfer, self-assembly, biological or biomimetic interactions, and various mass transport processes. The manipulation of nanoparticles and plasmon processes is also addressed, as are three-dimensional photonic structures - even if they are not yet on the nanoscale.