Nabc's Basketball Fundamentals Series Package-PAL

Mixed media product
Slam dunks and behind-the-back passes may make the highlights, but consistent, correct execution of essential skills will win more basketball games for you and your team. The NABC's Basketball Fundamentals Video Series is a complete instructional clinic on passing, dribbling, moving without the ball, shooting, rebounding, and defending for players and coaches. Each of the three tapes covers several techniques needed to excel at any level of competition. Developed with the National Association of Basketball Coaches (NABC), the series features the solid teaching, special tips, and most effective drills of three top coaches in the game today. NABC's Ballhandling Fundamentals Video, featuring Atlanta Hawks head coach Lon Kruger, shows how to pass, catch, and dribble the ball turnover-free. Kruger, a former star guard at Kansas State and highly successful college coach who led the University of Florida to the Final Four, is a superb instructor of the open-court and perimeter skills emphasized in this part of the game. One of the most memorable NCAA tournament game-winning shots was made by Valparaiso University's Bryce Drew in 1998 as the Crusaders nipped the University of Mississippi at the buzzer. In NABC's Shooting Fundamentals Video, Bryce's father and highly respected Valpo head coach Homer Drew teaches the shooting techniques that make such unlikely attempts possible. Drew's teams are known for shooting good shots and making such a high percentage of shots that the teams are perennial conference champions and postseason tourney participants. Barry Collier, new head coach at the University of Nebraska, is the ideal expert for the NABC's Defending & Rebounding Fundamentals Video. Collier is well known for his previous success as head basketball coach at Butler University in Indianapolis, and his teams are known for their stingy defense and dominance on the boards. Collier demonstrates why in this tape, teaching footwork, positioning, and a variety of other skills required to be a defensive stopper and successful rebounder. Each tape contains technique demonstrations, drills, coaching tips, error corrections, and game applications. Improve the quality of your practice sessions, develop a solid base of skills, and prepare to perform at a higher level with this special video series.