My Safeway Story: 'Making it Happen' - How a Holiday Job Turned into a $Billion Business

From holiday job to billion dollar enterprise!When Bill Pratt took over Pratt's Store in the outer Melbourne suburb of Frankston in 1946, his initial plan was to sell the small grocery business for a profit within a few months. Instead he discovered a taste and a talent for retailing, and what began as a summer holiday job for a young engineering student, turned into a billion dollar enterprise which changed the face of the Australian grocery industry.A pioneer of self-service and supermarkets in the 1950s, Bill Pratt caught the eye of US company Safeway, and in 1963, his company of three stores merged with the giant supermarket chain. He took the helm of Australian Safeway in 1967 and by 1985, 130 Safeway stores were operating throughout Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.Bill Pratt has always acted according to his philosophy that nothing comes easy, but there is always a way, and as a result, this book is a spirited and inspirational guide to successful retailing.