My Palm(R) Pre(TM) Joe Hutsko Craig James Johnston COVERS Palm Pre, Palm Pre Plus, Pixi, and Pixi Plus Step-by-step instructions with callouts to Palm Pre images that show you exactly what to do. Help when you run into Palm Pre problems or limitations. Tips and Notes to help you get the most from your Palm Pre. Full-color, step-by-step tasks walk you through getting and keeping your Palm Pre working just the way you want. The tasks include: * Getting started quickly and making the most of Palm Pre's amazing interface * Moving your information to your new Palm Pre * Customizing your Palm Pre to your exact needs * Saving time with Palm Pre's typing shortcuts and slide-out keyboard * Setting up and using speed dialing, voicemail, and conference calls * Sending and receiving text and picture messages * Making the most of Palm Pre's contact, calendar, and To Do list software * Syncing your Palm Pre with Outlook, Facebook, and MySpace * Connecting to the Internet, Bluetooth devices, and your company's VPN * Browsing the Web from your Palm Pre * Shooting, storing, and viewing photos and video * Finding, choosing, installing, and working with new Palm Pre applications * Keeping your Palm Pre up-to-date, reliable, and running perfectly * Topics relevant for Palm Pre, Palm Pre Plus, Palm Pixi, and Palm Pixi Plus.