My Mommy Has Epilepsy

(Black & White Illustrations) DO YOU OR A LOVE ONE HAVE EPILEPSY? DOES YOUR CHILD HAVE EPILEPSY? ARE YOU LOOKING FOR AN EXCELLENT CHILDREN'S BOOK TO TEACH WHAT EPILEPSY IS TO YOUR CHILD? Millions of people have epilepsy or experience Seizures. Are you one of them? Are you trying to figure out how to explain to your child or a child in your family about your disorder, so they will understand what epilepsy is and what they can do to help you when you are experiencing a seizure? The book helps educate children and help them understand what they can do if a friend or love one is having a seizure. There are so many myths that still roam through our society about epilepsy. My Mommy Has Epilepsy gives children and their family truth; medical facts explained in simplistic terminology so there is a clear understanding about epilepsy.