My Husband Doesn't Love Me and He's Texting Someone Else: The Love Coach Guide to Winning Him Back

Your good man is behaving badly. If you're reading this your life will be in turmoil. The man you thought you knew has turned your life upside down; you don't know where to turn or what to do for the best. Your husband is angry, dismissive and says he's fallen out of love and doesn't think you have a future together. Meanwhile, you're alternating between begging for another chance and falling into complete despair. Fortunately, marital therapist Andrew G. Marshall has a message of hope. In part one, he explains how to turn round your relationship and emerge with a stronger bond. How to get to the bottom of why he's fallen out of love What's really going through his mind. Why your husband has turned into a stranger. The signs that show if he's depressed and what to do about it. How to build better communication and start improving your relationship. In part two, he covers how to tell if there's another woman and gauge whether she really is a threat. He explains: The six types of other woman from a 'spark' to 'the love of his life'. Tailored strategies for dealing with each one. The five worst and best reactions after uncovering what's really going on. How to combat the poison that she's slipping into your relationship. When to keep fighting and when to make a tactical withdrawal.