Mutual Care in Palliative Medicine: A Story of Doctors and Patients

This book outlines the protocols and practical applications of the mutual medicine approach for non-specialists working with terminally ill patients. This book is the result of a government-funded study to analyse the relationship between the general practitioner and patient with terminal illness. Mutual Care in Palliative Medicine develops and defines a beneficial approach for the patient and one which is workable for the general practitioner. Mutual Care in Palliative Medicine looks at adopting the mutual medicine approach particularly for general practitioners, who often have an established relationship with the patient and are involved in patient management with specialists and a palliative care team. Mutual Care in Palliative Medicine is the first publication to outline the mutual medicine approach in the non-specialist arena. The concept behind the mutual medicine approach focuses on the interpersonal doctor-patient dynamics where there is a mutual exchange of care between the doctor and patient, in contrast to the conventional approach to doctor-patient relationships where care is provided by the doctor to the patient. The book uses case studies and data to explain the basic theory behind the concept, taking a step-by-step approach to defining the roles and protocols of the practitioner. The book is practical and comprehensive.