Mussolini: The Secrets of His Death

To date there is no smoking gun. Still, the winding path leading to the theory of SOE involvement is studded with disturbing clues. Every element acquires extraordinary importance. One background issue appears to be well-documented, namely that Winston Churchill in his determination to destroy Nazism and fascism was not averse to resort to assassination when necessary. It was a time, prior to the Marshall Plan, when Italy was viewed in the West as primed to become a Soviet satellite. But why would the victorious British Prime Minister then order or agree to the secret execution of the helpless Italian dictator who was nothing more than a satellite of Nazi Germany? Why was Mussolini executed? And did he have 65 kilos of gold with him - worth USD5bn - when he was arrested? In this remarkably well-researched work of historical detection, hugely-controversial when first published in Italy, Luciano Garibaldi provides a fascinating description of the more noteworthy theories surrounding Mussolini's death. He centres on some very elusive material commenting upon scenarios offered by other investigators.