Muscle Your Way Through Menopause: Anti-aging Exercise Strategies for a Leaner, Younger and Sexier Future

Exercise and instruction to protect a woman's body, beauty, health and strength during perimenopause and menopause. Amid all the confusion and controversy about treating the symptoms of menopause, one thing is clear: muscle is key. It's anti-aging, health-promoting and life-enhancing. It helps women stay stronger, healthier, more youthful, vibrant, and helps combat the physical and emotional signs and symptoms of menopause. It gives women confidence, power and pride. For women who are committed to maintaining their health and determined to defy the signs of aging in the process, as well as some of the symptoms of the change , Muscle Your Way Through Menopause presents fifty detailed exercises with instructional photographs to help maintain and build lean muscle tissue and lose weight and fat. Complete with motivational strategies to begin and maintain a course of exercise and wellness, it also includes information on how to: increase metabolism and burn more calories everyday without dieting; reduce risks of breast cancer, colon cancer and heart disease; help lower cholesterol, blood pressure and risk of type-2 diabetes; and protect bones and decrease risk of osteoporosis.