Murder Trail

Murder Trail tells the fascinating stories of eleven high profile murder or multiple murder cases through the eyes of the men who accepted the challenges of solving them. In each case the detective must reach deep inside the mind of the criminal - often brilliant but warped individuals - and by understanding him, catch him. Drawing on the words of our real-life detectives, interviews with the detective's family and colleagues and where possible, with the murderer himself, as well as on archive material - news, broadcast and police footage, surveillance recordings and interrogations and where necessary the trial transcripts - Murder Trail provides a wholly revealing insight into the mind of the murderer. However, the focus is always on our central character - the detective - and in this book we look at the pressures on him from the media, his bosses, politicians, victims' families and not least the effect on his personal life. The result is a dramatic narrative of the crime and its investigation that is compulsive reading.