Murder at the Movies

Once more we meet the inimitable Inspector Albert V. Tretheway and his colleague, Constable Jonathan (Jake) Small, in the Canadian city of Fort York in 1939. Pranks begin when Tretheway's beloved bowler hat disappears. Three weeks later Tretheway and Jake investigate a nervous neighbor's report about an anonymous phone tip that her longdead husband is in her garage. They find instead a live horse wearing Tretheway's missing bowler. The pranks escalate, and only Tretheway connects them and surmises they are movieinspired. The guessing game begins. Which movie is next? When the fourth prank involves a predug grave, the Hindu Goddess Kali and the murder of a popular BugleMajor, Tretheway spearheads a chase, cerebral and physical, through more movie murder adventures to a fiery spectacular finale.