Murder at the Movies

Once more we meet the inimitable Inspector Albert V Tretheway (pronounced tre-THOO-ey) and his colleague. Constable Jonathan (Jake) Small, in the Canadian city of Fort York in 1939. Pranks begin when Tretheway's beloved hat disappears. Three weeks later Tretheway and Jake investigate a nervous neighbour's report about an anonymous phone tip that her long-dead husband is in her garage. They find instead a live horse wearing Tretheway's missing bowler. The pranks escalate: a citizen living in the shadow of Dundurn Castle looks out his window at night to see a huge, frightening California Condor staring back; a collapsing house, pushed over by a bulldozer driven by a single operator, almost crushes its elderly occupant. Only Tretheway connects the three incidents. He also surmises the pranks are movie-inspired. The guessing game begins. Which movie is next? When the fourth prank involves a pre-drug grave, the Hindu Goddess Kali and he murder of a popular Bungle-Major, Tretheway gets serious. He spearheads a chase, cerebral and physical, through more movie murder adventures to a fiery spectacular finale.