Multiphase Technology

This volume provides an international forum for the exchange of the latest and most up-to-date designs for multiphase flow. The development for marginal offshore oil and gas discoveries and/or land-based fields in remote locations have led to significant research aimed at improving our understanding of this complex technology. Better design methods have been developed, not only for transporting multiphase hydrocarbon fluids over long distances, but also for pumping, metering, and processing equipment. Pressure on minimising costs and need to develop smaller, deeper, and more remote fields have continued to spur the application of multiphase technology. However, the uncertainty of adopting new technology will only be overcome with knowledge and expertise, by field use, or by force of circumstances, where it is seen to be the only viable method. From research to products, this book brings together contributions from experts who shape the way the technology is developed. Topics covered include: flow modelling; oil-water flow modelling; slug modelling; field applications in multiphase modelling; multiphase metering; multiphase equipment; flow assurance. This work provides the reader with the opportunity to determine how and when the technology can and should be employed in the filed, the engineer must understand what the technology can actually achieve, its limitations, and how these are being mitigated or overcome. BHR Group is a leading independent centre of expertise in engineering with fluids which has performed contract research. development, and consultancy for international clients since 1947. BHR Group serves the water, power, process, and offshore industries and is increasingly active in the water sector, following its privatisation. Our problem-solving addresses applications including: pumping, sealing, mixing and contacting, valves, pigging, pipe protection, and multiphase flow. Current projects yielding significant cost benefits include in-pipe water treatment, slurry characterisation and transport, and pump scheduling. BHR Group transfer information and technology to a wide range of industries through single-sponsor projects, multi-client consortia, training seminars, and BHRA Technical Information Services.