Multinational Firms and International Relocation

Multinational Firms and International Relocation addresses the impact of inward foreign direct investment on the host country and the extent to which it displaces jobs at home. Multinational firms in the United States, Japan and the European Union are focused on by a distinguished group of international business scholars who include Giovanni Balcet, Pierre-Andre Buigues, Wong Yu Ching, John H. Dunning, Edward M. Graham, F. Harianto, Thomas Hatzichronglou, Alexis Jacquemin, Terutomo Ozawa, E. Safarian, Philippe Saucier, Yoko Sazanami and Hideki Yamawaki. Issues addressed include European industrial relocations in low wage countries, US direct investments abroad, the strategies of Japanese multinationals, the impact of foreign investment on the domestic manufacturing industry of OECD countries, and multinationals and technology diffusion in South East Asia. International business scholars, business strategists and policy makers will welcome Multinational Firms and International Relocation for the combination of insights and analysis it offers on the strategies of multinational firms, the impacts of their relocation policies and the evolution of the delocalization debate.