Multidetector Coronary CT Angiography: Principles, Practice and Applications

This book provides easily digestible information about cardiovascular disease and its treatment. It explains that angiographic studies reveal that coronary artery disease is non-linear. Frequently lesions appear in segments of arteries that were apparently normal. Such lesions are culprit lesions that cause acute coronary syndromes. This is a masterwork that guides and explains that for the first time the advent of coronary CT allows early presymptomatic identification of coronary disease with great confidence and ease allowing physicians a greater range of treatment options including early cost effective interventions using dietary and lifestyle changes. This presents a practical concise guide for understanding and vascular CT angiograms. The text is written in highly practical and didactic manner which will help Cardiologists to browse information in a succinct, essentials only manner. The high quality illustrations serve to ensure that the concepts explained are supported by real-life examples and thus readily applicable to the clinical setting. This book has initiated a paradigm shift in noninvasive vascular imaging finally conquering the beating heart. The simplicity of image acquisitions and the advanced post processing systems available have made it suitable for routine clinical applications. This book contains more than 450 images acquired with a 64 detector MDCT covering all aspects of coronary vascular imaging including congenital heart disease. It will serve as a handy easy-to-use both text and atlas for those wanting to start the practice of CT Angiography.