Moving to Windows 8: Building Metro Style Apps Using Html5 and JavaScript

If you're happy building HTML5 web pages and writing simple JavaScript programs to enhance their functionality, you're ready to start creating Metro style apps withMoving to Windows 8. Whether your desire is to dabble, or ultimately tomake your living by creatingMetro apps, Moving to Windows 8 is the book that will aid you in reaching your goal. Through a combination of clear, concise topics backed by comprehensive examples, you'll learn how to design apps that fit seamlessly into this new Windows 8 interface with all the power, fluidity, and intuitive features that users expect from the Metro UI. You'llneed to learn how to design apps that fit into this UI, exposing features for other Metro apps to search and share.You'll learn how to integrate tiles into your app and how they can be a key toits success.Factors you might never haveconsidered before in development, such as suspending and resuming your app, or presenting your app in multiple views are all part of creating apps for this exciting new version of Windows. In this book you will find the reasons behind the design of Metro apps, how to work with the new development tools, all the way to delivering your apps to the Microsoft Store.Make no mistake; this is not a book about theories.I have packed this title with carefully selected complete examples that you can reference when creating your Metro style apps. What you'll learn Build apps that have intuitive, powerful touch experiences. Create applications for the new Windows 8 operating system Work with Visual Studio 11 and Expression Blend to create Metro style apps. Integrate audio and video into your Metro apps. Develop robust apps through your in-depth understand of WinRT. Learn how to prepare and take your apps to the Windows Store. Who this book is for You're familiar with HTML5 and comfortable writing simple JavaScript programs.Moving to Windows 8 lets you dive in and start creating apps for Microsoft's exciting new Metro interface, guiding you all the way from basic Metro design principles to taking your finished app to the Microsoft store.