Motivating Reluctant Learners: Practical Strategies for Raising Attainment

The materials in this book are the product of work undertaken by Hampshire Psychology Service in collaboration with 22 primary and secondary schools to address the needs of children whose academic motivation was proving particularly problematic. The five year project involved feedback and review sessions which helped refine the programme. There are four sections: Information on attribution theory and its application in the classroom; Practical issues on implementing the programme; Support for staff including a PowerPoint training session; The 12 session pupil programme including facilitator notes. The programme is designed to give pupils experience of success at the same time as encouraging them to attribute the success to their own effort, skills and strategies. It helps them to understand: ability is not fixed; learning is difficult for everyone and requires effort; the significance of using strategies including help-seeking and self-talk; the important of taking responsibility and setting SMART goals. Participating staff reported changes in pupils: the course effected a significant change and they moved into Year 10 options far more positive and motivated. And also in themselves: I thought the theory was one of the best things was as if a light bulb had been turned on. I have really gained in confidence as a consequence. This pack contains a CD ROM with copiable activities, DVD clips of pupil intervies and using the programme, an example of a pupil booklet and the PowerPoint presentation.