More than Concidence

This book could easily have been enitled THrough New Eyes. In Late 1972 Malcolm Mackay had come to the end of the road. His life was crammed with success stories; in Church, Education, Television, Business and Parliament he had held leading posts. But now it all looked empty because, as he says, his personal faith was threadbare. Then came a dramatic rediscovery, a return of the old zest for living because of a spiritual renewal at the age of fifty-three. In the six years since then he has followed this gleam, using all his old insight, acumen, and critical capacities to probe below the surface of some of the pressing problems of our time. From international affairs to personal matters, he has sought and found what he believes to be the pattern of an answer, the ground rules of a comprehensive Christian lifestyle. Strikes and picketing, socialism and private enterprise, love and marriage, war and pacifism, poverty and plenty, the relationship of other religions to Christianity . . all these and many other topics are dealt with by a man who has been at the heart of political leadership and who is now a reborn Christian. The language of the book is colourful and vigorous. He follows step lay step the road from primitive intuition to spiritual reality in the experience of sophisticated modern