The new novel from the Commonwealth Prize-winning author of the bestselling THE POLISHE HOE. From the winner of the Commonwealth Writers' Prize comes a mesmerising, powerful, inspiring and beautifully controlled story of a mother's loss of her son to the world of gang crime, and her memories of life in the Caribbean. At the news of what has happened to her son BJ, Idora Morrison collapses in her basement apartment. For four days and nights she retreats into a vortex of memory, pain, and disappointment that becomes a riveting expose of her life as a black immigrant from the Caribbean. While she struggled to make ends meet for twenty-five years, her deadbeat husband abandoned her for a better life in New York. Left alone to raise her son, Idora has done her best to survive against immense odds. But now that BJ has disappeared into a life of crime, she recoils from his loss and tries to understand how her life has spiralled into this tragic place. More is an extraordinary story of oppression, redemption and hope. From a master of the novel form, this is very much a book for our times. 'MORE may stand as one of the crowning achievements of Clarke's career' QUILL & QUIRE 'a novelist of exceptional gifts' NEW YORK tIMES