Monsoon Summer

Jasmine Jazz Gardner heads off to India during the monsoon season. The family trip is her mother's plan - Mrs Gardner wants to volunteer at the orphanage that cared for her when she was young. But going to India isn't Jazz's idea of a great summer holiday. She wants no part of her mother's do-gooder intentions. The problem is that Jazz is in love. She's leaving behind the business she started with her best friend, Steve, and leaving him is very hard, even though he doesn't even know how she feels. Only when Jazz reluctantly befriends Danita, a girl who cooks for her family, and who is facing a tough dilemma, does Jazz begin to see how she can make a difference - to her own family, to Danita, to the children at the orphanage, even to Steve. As India claims Jazz, the monsoon works its madness and its magic.