Modern Projects and Experiments in Organic Chemistry: Miniscale and Williamson Microscale

Modern Projects and Experiments in Organic Chemistry helps instructors turn their organic chemistry laboratories into places of discovery and critical thinking. In addition to traditional experiments, the manual offers a variety of inquiry based experiments and multi week projects, giving students a better understanding of how lab work is actually accomplished. Instead of simply following directions, students learn how to investigate the experimental process itself. There are two versions of the manual, each tailored to specific laboratory equipment. In terms of content they are identical: Miniscale and Standard Taper Microscale (0716797798) and Miniscale and Williamson Microscal (0716739216). Upgraded from Experimental Organic Chemistry , features include: custom publishing option (instructors can devise the lab manual they want); eight new inquiry based experiments which increase the manual's overall emphasis on active learning; five new multi week projects; five new first term projects (there are now nine for each term) which make it possible for instructors to plan an entire course around the project approach; and new pre-lab and post-lab questions.