Modern Mixed Media with Marshall Arisman

Surprise yourself as you tap into a whole new genre of art making Step into the personal studio of renowned mixed-media artist Marshall Arisman for an exciting look into the master's unique (and at times surprising) process. You're sure to be captivated by this beloved artist's intriguing methods and teaching style-bonus: you'll laugh your way through along with this Marshall as he shares personal stories. Discover the exciting new collector's workshop: Find the artwork you didn't know you had in you when you explore Marshall's alternative methods in charcoal, ink, pastel, and oil. Develop a deeper understanding of form as you learn to build a papier-mache reference sculpture. Electrify your pieces with this loose, experimental style that will forever change the way you paint. Tell your story like never before-learn to use conventional tools in unconventional ways. And more! Plus! Watch an exclusive interview with this charming artist as he shares his methods, development, and the business of art. Order your copy of Modern Mixed Media with Marshall Arisman today!