Modern Hematology: Biology and Clinical Management

Reinhold Munker and his distinguished colleagues offer a concise up-to-date summary of the fundamentals of clinical hematology, including all the most recent developments. Their comprehensive survey presents the essential clinical facts concerning malignant and nonmalignant blood diseases, detailing diagnostic methods, angiostatic drugs, the very latest therapies (e.g., stem cell transplantation), classifications, scientific controversies, and clear treatment recommendations. They also illuminate the scientific basis needed to understand the new diagnostic and treatment methodologies, the molecular pathogenesis of many hematologic disorders, and the new cellular therapies for these malignant disorders. By concisely combining cutting-edge explanations of disease pathophysiology with practical approaches to the diagnosis and management of hematologic disorders, Modern Hematology: Biology and Clinical Management provides an invaluable vade mecum for today's physicians and students needing to keep up with the latest clinical and scientific developments.