Mixed Media Personalized Jewelry - Capturing Memories in Handmade Details

Join artist and author Jean Campbell in 7 watch-and-learn lessons as she shows you step by step how to use your creativity to make a personal statement through something you can wear. Create jewelry that means even more by transforming mementos into masterpieces with these tips and techniques. Learn to incorporate paper, make resin focal pieces, use metal and rubber stamps, and antique metal for a look that is exclusively yours. Order your copy of this exciting DVD to: * Get started with a comprehensive tools and materials overview. * Turn a favorite photo into a one-of-a-kind charm bracelet to always remember the occasion. * Create unique pieces with personal images, objects, and travel finds. * Express your emotions on your pieces, then wear as a symbol of your triumphs. * And more! Plus! Learn Jean's tips and techniques to incorporate your influences, loves, and history into your designs to make them truly your own!