Mixed Media Making Steampunk-Style Jewelry

Join artist and author Jean Campbell in 6 watch-and-learn lessons as she shows you step by step how to create romantic jewelry with that unmistakable steampunk edge. Master cold connections, resin, wirework, and drilling basics as you create unique designs. Discover how to make extraordinary jewelry from everyday items like watch pieces! Order your copy of this dynamic DVD to: Get started with a comprehensive tools and materials overview. Create one-of-a-kind pieces with personal images, objects, and travel finds. Discover materials that convey the one-of-a-kind style including chain, filigree, leather, watch parts, and more! Add embellishment and structure to your designs with wire coils and double wrapped loops. And more! Plus! Learn Jean's tricks to steampunk-style made easy with how-tos on using found objects to create an industrial look, removing resin bubbles with a match, and more!