Miss Lonelyhearts

26-year-old 160cm petite and media-savvy brunette with big blue eyes Single forever so well and truly Ready for true Love Write to Miss Lonelyhearts ...' Allison thought putting her best friend Meg's description into a singles column was a great idea - but that's not how Meg sees it. It's not as if Meg doesn't have enough pressures in her life already ...Such as working in the cut-throat world of magazines care of the tabloid weekly Gossip!. Such as the killer new boss who orders her to get plastic surgery for a story. Such as her housemate Dan's new hippie girlfriend wanting to be her best friend. Such as getting invited to a party by Nick the Hot Guy and getting too distracted at her own party to turn up. Sparky, funny and all-too-true, Miss Lonelyhearts is proof that romance - and maybe even good jobs - can happen.