Mint: A Book of Recipes

This is a book of recipes. Chopped, torn or sprinkled, discover how mint can enliven dishes with its deliciously pungent scent. It includes quick and easy dips such as Cool Mint Raita, exotic appetizers like Potato Pakoras with Coconut Mint Chutney, classic mains such Roast Lamb with Mint Sauce, as well as irresistible desserts, including Mint Chocolate Meringues and Peppermint Swirl Ice Cream. Chapters include Soups and Appetizers; Main Meals; Side Dishes and Salads; and Desserts and Drinks. A useful introduction covers different types of mint, growing, drying and storing techniques, plus simple mint recipes and the benefits of mint tea. It is beautifully illustrated with over 100 photographs of each finished dish plus charming illustrations. It offers a nutritional breakdown for each recipe that will help with dietary planning. Mint is sweetly fragrant and has been used throughout the world for centuries, adding aromatic highlights to dishes from soups and sauces to main meals and desserts. This delightful book draws inspiration from the cuisines around the world including India, Thailand and the Middle East. The front section of the book is packed with information about the different types of mint, with hints, cook's tips and step-by-step techniques. There then follows 30 recipes packed full of ideas to cook with mint. There are cool, refreshing soups such as Yogurt Soup with Mint, appetizing side dishes and salads such as Braised Lettuce, Peas and Mint, and Lebanese Country Salad with Mint, plus stimulating main courses like Fragrant Rice with Chicken and Mint. For those with a sweet tooth there are palate-tingling desserts including Mint Chocolate Meringues and Minted Earl Grey Sorbet. Sumptuous photographs accompany each recipe making this a beautiful gift for any herb-loving cook.