Midnight at Trafalgar Square

Paperback / softback
Rachel O'Neill was invited to England by a friend who was in need of her accounting expertise. Of course, Ethan Philip's ulterior motive was his love for her. He wanted her whether she crunched his numbers or not. Rachel jumped at the invitation for her own frantic reasons, none of which included romance. It was New Year's Eve at the Ritz in London. Rachel didn't care about the high-class, snobbish plans Ethan had made for the two of them. She wanted to be in Trafalgar Square with the "real" people at midnight. She wanted to feel Piccadilly and Soho, and experience the excitement at Trafalgar Square at that one incredible moment. After persuading Ethan to take her there, it did quickly become an incredible moment, for she was swept up and kissed passionately by a handsome stranger. At that very instant, her life changed forever.