MicroType 6 with CheckPro Network Site License for Century 21 Computer Skills and Applications (with Quick Start Guide)

MicroType 6 with CheckPro is a combination software program for keyboarding instruction and document checking. MicroType 6 includes touch-typing instruction for alphabetic and numeric keyboarding and the numeric keypad, skill-building activities, games, motivating graphics, and a word processor with built-in timer. MicroType teaches correct finger placement and helps students build basic keyboarding skills, then develop speed and accuracy. CheckPro is a document-checking application specific to the Century 21 10e textbooks. When students type documents from the text, CheckPro checks keystrokes and formatting in Microsoft Word 2013, keystrokes and formulas in Excel 2013, and completion of PowerPoint 2013 documents. Both MicroType 6 and CheckPro include instructor utilities that enable teachers to indicate preferences for the way the programs will work with their classes. In addition, the programs can generate detailed lesson, timed-writing, and summary reports to track students' progress.