Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Database Administrator's Guidebook

This isn't just a start-to-finish guide to Microsoft SQL Server database administration: it's a practical guide for those migrating from Oracle or Sybase -- and an indispensable resource for managers who must hire and supervise SQL Server DBAs. Carl H. Speshock covers every DBA skill required to create robust, secure, and highly available SQL Server environments. Among the technical topics covered: applying service packs; optimizing performance, security, and availability; backup/disaster recovery planning; monitoring using system and third-party tools; OLAP administration; data modeling; clustering; quality assurance; and more. Unlike many introductory DBA books, this one doesn't just cover core technical skills: it helps DBAs with all their responsibilities, including communication and coordination with developers and business professionals throughout the enterprise. It also offers managers specific guidance on hiring effective SQL Server DBAs -- including comparisons of the skillsets needed by SQL Server, Oracle and Sybase DBAs, and 50 questions to ask every candidate. For all beginning-to-intermediate level Microsoft SQL Server DBAs; for Oracle and Sybase DBAs who want to cross-train on Microsoft SQL Server administration; and for database managers, DBA recruiters, and project managers who hire or supervise SQL Server DBAs.