Microsoft Office 2013: Projectlearn

Spiral bound
Glen Coulthard; Microsoft Office 2013: ProjectLearn Projects Today; Skills for Life! Microsoft Office 2013: ProjectLearn is a new text with a project-based approach to engage students learning Microsoft Office 2013. The approach allows students to focus on the end result and complete the tutorial for each Office application with quality artifacts - projects that help students develop a portfolio they can display in their careers. The structured series has two projects per chapter. Additional lessons provide a consistent framework for learning with a lesson overview, skills preview, and project practice. At the end of each chapter are two on your own projects that each have three work it out exercises. By working directly within the project experience, students develop a deeper understanding of how skills essential to their future careers. ProjectLearn is integrated with SIMnet, McGraw-Hill Education's online learning and assessment solution, with 1:1 content to practice and master computing concepts and Microsoft Office skills.