Micropalaeontology and Hydrocarbon Exploration in the Middle East

Micropalaeontology has played an important role in the exploration for hydrocarbons in the Middle East for the last 75 years, and its uses in new approaches to hydrocarbon exploration such as sequence stratigraphy make an appreciation of applications more appropriate than ever. However, little has been published on the microfauna and microflora of the Middle East in comparison with those from other parts of the world - despite their extensive use in exploration and production investigations. In this book, a number of studies concerning the palaeontology of the Middle East have been gathered together with special reference to hydrocarbon exploration. Thus this volume serves as a reference text which both demonstrates the applications of micropalaeontology and further documents the microfossils of this region. This book should be of interest to micropalaeontologists involved in exploration; and oil industry geologists, stratigraphers and palaeontologists.