Metropolitan Opera

The Metropolitan Opera: Stories of the Great Operas, published jointly by the Metropolitan Opera Guild and W. W. Norton, contains the plots of 150 of the world's most popular operas; there are also short, informative biographies of each of the 72 composers represented, and historical background material pertinent to each work. For those of who have enjoyed the The Metropolitan Opera Stories of the Great Operas, the highly successful companion to this volume, Guide to Recorded Opera, allows the music lover the luxury of choosing a particular recording of a favorite work on the basis of description and recommendation by a well-informed expert. How would you compare the Callas and Tebaldi Toscas? Is there a good recording of Boris Godunov available on CDs? Did Joan Sutherland ever record Micaela? These and hundreds of other questions are answered in this Guide, in which a corps of experienced music critics and discophiles evaluate all the complete recordings of 150 operas by 71 composers.This box set includes volume one of The Metropolitan Opera Stories of the Great Operas and The Guide to Recorded Opera. The Metropolitan Opera Stories of the Great Operas is the definitive opera story collection, the only one now authorized by the Metropolitan Opera. Written by John W. Freeman, associate editor of Opera News magazine, this 584-page volume provides: *The complete plots of 150 different operas, including lists of roles and premiere dates. *Biographical information on all of the 72 different composers represented, as well as historical background material on each opera. *Easy access to the stories through both a table of contents listed by composer and an alphabetical index by opera title. *A foreword by the Met's music director and principal conductor, James Levine, and an introduction by Peter Allen, host of the Texaco/Met radio broadcasts and the Live from the Met telecasts. Whether for quick, pre-performance reference or an evening of browsing through favorite stories, this volume is an invaluable addition to every opera-lover's library.The Guide to Recorded Opera, the only such volume authorized by the Metropolitan Opera Guild, offers a wealth of invaluable information for the opera lover. *Casts, dates, and compact disc availability for all the complete recordings of 150 different operas. *Critical evaluation by an outstanding authority of each complete recording of each opera. Recommendations for the best recordings of every work. *Access to the reviews facilitated by two tables of contents: one organized alphabetically by composer, the other by title. *A detailed index by artist. Whether it is used for recommendations on which recording to buy, or for a bird's-eye view of the recording history of a specific opera, the Guide to Recorded Opera will prove an indispensable addition to the opera lover's library.