Metric Standards for Worldwide Manufacturing

Fully revised and updated for 2007, Metric Standards for Worldwide Manufacturing is one of the best tools you can use to cut manufacturing and engineering costs. In addition, it is your key to global marketing, manufacturing, and engineering of your metric products.It is a one of a kind sourcebook for designers, engineers, and manufacturers. Comprising over 800 pages of metric standards and key approaches to metrication, Metric Standards for Worldwide Manufacturing is a comprehensive, easy-to-use reference of all data required for a smooth metric system transition - essential for companies exporting goods. It helps cut costs and increase export of manufactured products. It includes pictorial world fastener index covering multiple languages and countries. It provides a complete listing of metric material sizes and grades, fasteners, drills, screw thread details, drawing examples, keys, splines, gears, bearings, and more. It covers the essentials of ISO 9000 Quality Management and ISO 14000 Environmental Management systems. It includes easy-to-use metric standards details in over 500 tables. It helps readers to interpret and use the ISO Systems of Limits and Fits.