Metalwork Making Bezels for Stones and Found Objects with a Micro-Torch

Join artist and best-selling author Denise Peck in 5 watch-and-learn lessons as she shows you step by step how to make fabulous pendants and rings simply with the use of a micro-torch! Master micro-torch soldering basics as you boost your jewelry-making skills and your jewelry collection with these fun techniques for transforming stones, buttons, beads, and more into stunning jewelry. Enhance your skills as you learn how to: Get started with a tools and materials overview with solder and flux simplified. Show off all your favorite finds with custom-crafted bezels. Make unique shapes at just the right depth for your resin pieces. Give your piece that extra shine with finishing and file how-tos. And more! Plus! Learn Denise's tricks to fabulous jewelry the fast and easy way with tricks to keeping solder in place, avoiding stuck stones, how to use a micro-torch, and more!