Metal Sushi (Revised and Re-edited)

David Conway is the most powerful and distinctive writer of horror fiction since Clive Barker... -- Grant Morrison, author of Arkham Asylum, The Invisibles and The Filth. Like a hybrid monstrosity spawned from an unholy alliance between William Burroughs, Ignatius Loyola and the Marquis de Sade, David Conway's stories will take you to a dimension of absolute nightmare... -- DM Mitchell, author of A Serious Life, The Seventh Song of Maldoror. authentically Lovecraftian marriage of contemporary science and the cosmic... -- Ramsey Campbell. In Metal Sushi Conway treats the unification of Gothic and science fictional impulses as a chimerical marriage with the potential to produce an unprecedented new form... -- Mark P Williams, Gothic Science Fiction: 1980-2010. Metal Sushi drags HP Lovecraft's piscatorial congeries squirming and thrashing into Blade Runner dystopia to tremendous effect... -- John Coulthart, Lord Horror, Reverbstorm and Hardcore Horror.