Mentoring Leaders: The Power of Storytelling for Building Leadership in Health Care and Education

As the workplace becomes increasingly diverse and collaborative, many health care professions have recognized the importance of building a leadership culture through mentoring. Mentoring Leaders presents a unique guide to this fundamental topic by demonstrating how storytelling can powerfully inspire, motivate, and teach both mentors and mentees. Going beyond the traditional one-to-one model of mentoring, this reader-friendly text provides in-depth discussion on various ways and forms mentoring can take place, including group and off-site mentoring. A workbook offers readers many stories reflecting the core concepts as well as questions for self-reflection. Highlights and topics include leadership and communication, self-reflection, community building, building followership, and leading for the future. Mentoring Leaders is an entertaining yet instructive guide for experienced and novice mentors and mentees who seek to become--and inspire--future leaders.