Mediterranean Tycoons: Tempting & Taken: The Italian's Runaway Bride / His Inherited Bride / Pregnancy of Revenge

Protective. Ruthless. Virile. Gianfranco asked Kelly to marry him after their holiday affair left her pregnant! But, once married, she heard that he didn't want her at all - he just wanted their baby...Kelly had no choice but to run away...Would Gianfranco look for her? Julia has rushed to Chile, desperate to see if her recent inheritance will give her the money needed to pay for her mother's healthcare. But the will states that she must marry gorgeous Italian Randolfo Carducci before she can claim anything! Billionaire Jake d'Amato thought Charlotte Summerville was a gold-digger. He'd take his revenge - in bed! But Charlie's intentions were purely innocent, just like her! Suddenly she was married to a man who wanted her but hated her...and she was pregnant with his child.